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Here are links to two audio lessons to try:

1. Rolling to sit by lengthening your leg in side lying.

This lesson is mostly lying on one side. Choose your most comfortable side to start with. If you’ve already done the lesson one way try the other side.

2. Pelvic Clock


These audio lessons are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Anything shared by the instructor including all articles, videos, photos, audio recordings, and documents of any kind available is not a substitute for professional help or medical treatment. This website, all media files found on it and the creator of any and all of these files, and anyone featured on these files, cannot be held responsible for any injuries or discomfort that occur. Before doing any of the movement lessons or movements described or portrayed, be sure to consult your medical practitioner.



During this time of COVID 19 and social spacing We are offering Awareness Through Movement classes online via Zoom twice a week on Tuedays and Thursdays at 9:15 - 10:30am PDT Flagstaff , 12:15 noon EDT DC and 5:15pm London time.

The zoom link is

Classes are on a donation basis - please pay what you can afford.
Suggested donation $15 per class

It is a way to connect with you all, and to offer something that might be helpful.
The classes will be gentle guided movement explorations based on the Feldenkrais Method. You will need a comfortable place to lie on the floor on a mat or blanket, or if that’s not possible, you can do them on your bed, some lessons may be in sitting or standing or a combination. You will need to wear comfortable cloths you can move in, PJs are perfect! I recommend having an extra warm layer close by in case you get chilly.

How to do a lesson:

Have a small stack of hand towels or a small firm pillow to place under your head as needed.
Go very slowly.
Pause the lesson as needed to give yourself time.
Move within your own comfortable range. 
Do NOT push or strain. You will get more benefit by doing less.
Try to let go of doing the movements the “right” way. 
Be curious and enjoy the changes.
Follow any healthcare restrictions you have been given.

The link is
You can pass the link on to others who might be interested.
I hope you and your loved ones are all well and staying safe.