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Imagine a time when you pack your essentials and walk out the door never to return. What if a disaster causes you to build up reserves, cut back on expenses and hunker down. What if the storm is so severe, that the only recourse is to abandon everything and search out a new land on which to start again? Some are living that life now. First one, then another and then entire communities floating over seas, walking across borders and landing in unknown territory with no map of the future, like butterflies.

Human Nature Dance Theatre will perform an evening of dance, including “Migration”, a new work that explores current immigration issues through emotional personal experience, using 
a mix of dance, theatre, spoken word and music.

Human Nature Dance Theatre

Coconino Center for the Arts

Saturday May 27th

Doors 7:00 pm Show 7:30 pm

Tickets available at Coconino Center for the Arts, Arizona Music Pro and

$15 Advance $18 Day $9 Child/Student

For more info call 928 779 2300