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Fire, the essential element, is a metaphor for life. It is the visible expression of the creative process. It consumes the past and is entirely focused on the present, sometimes at the expense of the future. And yet an integral part of that future.

The story of fire begins with the original blast. It is integral with the birth of our universe. Energy and matter are intertwined. With creation comes destruction.

In time humans overcome fear and make use of fire for light, warmth and power. We sit around the campfire telling our stories. Fire becomes a tool and is controlled through suppression.

More recently this management of nature by humans, creates a condition is ripe for wildfire, for it is clear that fire as an elemental force cannot be packaged.

We understand the ease at which fire can leap out of the container and quickly spread through huge expanses from tree top to tree top. And leave in its wake scorched earth and blackened wood. We can walk through the ashes and know fire, as only a destructive element, instantly forgetting all of its creative and warming qualities.

And so more than anything, fire is potential. Inherent in the material of life, are infinite possibilities. Included amongst those possibilities is death. And maybe part of our role as humans in nature is that of keeping the embers alive and sustaining the life forces and stretching the boundaries of possibility without exploding them beyond the capacity of this universe.

Human Nature Dance Theater presents
Saturday, October 3, 2015

Human Nature Dance Theater, mixed-media, multi-generational performance art presents IGNITE that deals with FIRE, the essential and metaphorical element that has played a crucial role in our life (and death) in the past, still does in the present, and certainly will in the future. Human Nature takes us through a journey of our self-awareness and self-exploraton.

5:00pm Tour of Arcosanti
6:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Performance

$40 ticket price includes dinner and performance
$20 for performance only ($10 for students)

For dinner reservations and more information, please call 928.632.7135.